Palboxen 125mg (Palbociclib)

Palboxen 125mg (Palbociclib)


Generic Name: Palbociclib
Pack Size: 21 Tablets
Manufacture: Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Palboxen 125mg (Palbociclib):

Palbociclib, often marketed as Palboxen 125mg. Cancer drugs used to treat certain types of breast cancer. As an inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) 4/6, palboxane prevents cancer cells from proliferating uncontrollably by inhibiting their ability to divide. Palbociclib is usually used in combination with other drugs and hormone treatments. Palbociclib medication, which is usually taken once daily. Clinical studies have shown success in improving progression-free survival in patients with hormone receptor-positive but HER2-negative advanced breast cancer. Moreover, like any medicine, palboxane can have side effects. Patients should therefore discuss any potential interactions and their medical history with their healthcare provider before starting this treatment. Regular monitoring and follow-up appointments throughout paluboxane therapy are crucial.

What Palboxen is and how it works:

Palboxen 125mg (Palbociclib) capsule is a drug used for the targeted treatment of breast cancer. Palbociclib works by targeting overactive CDK 4 and 6 enzymes found in HR-positive breast cancer cells. Palboxen slows tumor growth and spread by blocking these enzymes. Stops cancer cells from proliferating and spreading. Palboxen 125mg capsules should be taken with food and once a day for 21 days. Moreover, to prevent serious side effects, you must take your medication as directed by your doctor.

Generic Palbociclib 125 mg

A drug called palbociclib is used to treat some forms of breast cancer. It’s of the class of medications known as CDK4/6 inhibitors, which function by preventing the synthesis of specific proteins that are necessary for the development of cancer cells. In particular, the cell division-regulating proteins cyclin-dependent kinases 4 and 6 are inhibited by palbociclib.

This treatment is usually recommended in combination with other medications, like hormonal therapy, for postmenopausal women who have advanced breast cancer that is HER2-negative and hormone receptor positive. It is applied as a first-line therapy or when other treatments have not stopped the cancer from progressing.

Palbociclib is often prescribed at a dose of 125 mg once day for 21 days, with a 7-day break in between to create a 28-day treatment cycle. However, based on unique patient characteristics and the particular treatment plan that a healthcare professional has recommended, dosage and treatment schedules may change. Palbociclib may have adverse effects, much like any medication, therefore patients should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using it with their medical team.

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