Nindanix 150 mg (Nintedanib)

Nindanix 150 mg (Nintedanib)


Generic Name: Nintedanib
Pack Size: 60 Capsule
Manufacture: Beacon Pharmaceuticals LTD


Nindanix 150 mg (Nintedanib):

Nichidanib (also marketed as Nindanix 150 mg is primarily prescribed to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a degenerative lung disease. Tyrosine kinase inhibitors such as nitedanib focus on different signaling pathways related to the fibrotic process. Slows the decline of lung function. Blocking key receptors reduces inflammation and prevents the formation of fibrotic tissue. The recommended dose is 150 mg twice daily with food, usually taken by mouth. Although there may be no cure for IPF. Nindanix has demonstrated potential to delay disease progression and improve the quality of life of those who take it. For personalized advice and supervision, patients should consult their healthcare provider.

What is Nindanix and how it works:

Nindanix 150 mg is an oral drug that inhibits a number of tyrosine kinase receptors such as PDGF, VEGF and FGF receptors. which is implicated in the etiology of pulmonary fibrosis. Preclinical investigations have demonstrated the ability to stop lung fibrosis from developing. In pulmonary fibrosis, nitedanib inhibits receptor tyrosine kinases associated with profibrotic fibroblast migration and proliferation.

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