Levagen 4mg (Lenvatinib)

Levagen 4mg (Lenvatinib)


Generic Name: Lenvatinib
Pack Size: 30 Tablets
Manufacture: General Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Levagen 4mg (Lenvatinib):

Levagen 4mg, another name for lenvatinib, is a drug used to treat several types of cancer. As receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors, they delay or prevent tumor formation by blocking signals that promote cancer cell growth. Often used for renal cell carcinoma and thyroid cancer. in oncology due to its established ability to target various pathways involved in tumor angiogenesis and cell proliferation. Levagen, like any drug, can have side effects, thus its use should be properly supervised by medical professionals. Before starting Levagen treatment, patients should discuss their medical history and potential risks with their healthcare provider. To ensure drug effectiveness and manage potential side effects, routine tests and follow-ups are crucial.

What is Levagen 4mg and How it works:

Levagen 4mg is the brand name for palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), a bioavailable form of palmitoylfatty acid amide that occurs naturally in the body and is involved in the body’s response to stress and injury. Because it has an effect on the endocannabinoid system, serves as a useful replacement for CBD. Levagen+ supports joint health, muscle recovery and immune function. Lenvatinib is manufactured in cGMP facilities for quality and safety.

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