Gilternib 40 mg (Giltertinib)

Gilternib 40 mg (Giltertinib)


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Generic Name: Giltertinib
Pack Size: 90 Tablets
Manufacture: Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Gilternib 40 mg (Giltertinib):

Giltertinib, or gilternib 40 mg, is a targeted medication used to treat acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Gilternib is a strong and specific inhibitor of FLT3 and AXL kinases that functions by interfering with the signaling cascades that support cancer cell growth and survival. Since FLT3 mutations are linked to a poor outcome in AML, Gilternib presents a viable treatment option for individuals with FLT3-positive AML. The usual suggested dose, when taken orally, is 40 mg once daily. Clinical trials have produced positive findings, indicating that certain AML cases have better outcomes. Patients must, as with any drug, heed the advice of their healthcare professional and report any possible adverse effects for proper handling.

What is Gilternib and How it works:

Giltertinib, also sold under the brand name Xospata, is an effective treatment for adult. AML patients with a FLT3 mutation who have relapsed or are not responding to therapy. It works by inhibiting several receptor tyrosine kinases. Including FLT3 and AXL, as well as the downstream targets of these kinases. This results in apoptosis in leukemic cells that express FLT3-ITD. Gilternib 40 mg medicine is used once daily and has shown positive results in clinical trials. With a composite complete response of 41% and an overall response rate of 52% in phase 1/2 trials.

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