Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag)

Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag)


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Generic Name: Avatrombopag
Pack Size: 28 Tablets
Manufacture: Drug International Ltd.


Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag):

Avatrombopag, also know by its commercial name Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag), is a medication use to treat low platelet counts in patients undergoing surgery or suffering from chronic liver disease. It is a member of the class of agonists of thrombopoietin receptors, which increase bone marrow synthesis of platelets. Avalet increases platelet production in patients with thrombocytopenia associate with chronic liver disease, which reduces the risk of bleeding episodes. The recommend dosage is often determine by a healthcare professional based on the patient’s condition and unique demands. Common side effects include headaches, fatigue, and abdominal pain. Following prescription directions and disclosing any ongoing medical problems or treatments to healthcare providers are crucial, just like with any drug.

What is Avalet and How it works:

Drug International Ltd. is a reputable pharmaceutical firm that manufactures and distributes this medication. Each film-coat tablet of Avalet contains 20 mg of avatrombopag Maleate INN as its active ingredient. There are twenty-eight packs of Avalet 20 mg pills available. Additionally, avalet 20 mg (avatrombopag) is recommended for people with chronic immune thrombocytopenia or chronic liver disease (CLD). Avalet is most often used at dosages of 20 mg to treat thrombocytopenia.

Generic Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag):

The drug avatrombopag 20 mg is used to treat thrombocytopenia, a disorder marked by low blood platelet counts. Blood clotting and limiting excessive bleeding depend on platelets. Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag) is a member of the thrombopoietin receptor agonist medication class, which acts by promoting bone marrow synthesis of platelets. It’s critical to take Avatrombopag precisely as directed by a medical provider. Hepatic enzyme elevation, weariness, nausea, and headaches are typical adverse effects. Before beginning Avatrombopag, patients should disclose to their doctor any pre-existing medical problems or medications they are taking in order to avoid any potential interactions or complications. When using this medicine, routine monitoring of liver function and platelet counts is usually advised.

Benefits Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag):

1. Increases platelet count
By promoting the formation of platelets in the bone marrow, Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag) increases the amount of platelets in the blood. In people with thrombocytopenia, it is essential to reduce the risk of bleeding, especially during invasive operations.

2. Reduces the need for blood transfusions
Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag) can increase the platelet count, reducing or eliminating the need for platelet transfusions in people undergoing surgery or other medical procedures. Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag) reduces the chance of transfusion-related complications such as infection and transfusion reactions.

3. Easy oral dose administration
When intravenous platelet transfusion is contraindicated. Both patient quality of life and compliance can be improved by simple administration.

4. Successful in long-term ITP
Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag) helps patients with chronic immune thrombocytopenia maintain greater platelet levels over time. Reduces the frequency and severity of bleeding episodes and improves disease management.

5. Reliability and comfort
Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag) is generally well tolerated and has a favorable safety profile according to clinical studies. Compared with other thrombocytopenia therapies, common side effects are less severe and more tolerable.

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