Anlotinib INN 12 Mg (Anlotib)

Anlotinib INN 12 Mg (Anlotib)


Generic Name: Anlotinib
Pack Size: 21 Capsule
Manufacture: Ziska Pharma


Anlotinib INN 12 Mg (Anlotib):

Four distinct receptors are target by the novel oral tyrosine kinase inhibitor anlotinib: c-Kit, platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR), fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR), and vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (VEGFR). Anlotib is authorize for the treatment of multiple types of advance lung cancer as well as soft tissue sarcoma in China. Anlotib INN 12 Mg should be take orally once daily with water at a dose of 12 mg.  Additionally, anlotinib significantly extended the median progression-free survival (PFS) in patients with advance soft tissue sarcoma (STS), according to a randomized phase IIB trial. Anlotinib has also shown promising efficacy in patients with advanced medullary thyroid carcinoma and metastatic renal cell carcinoma (MRCC).

What is Anlotib and how does it work:

Anlotinib INN 12 Mg (Anlotib) is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor that is take orally and targets VEGFR, FGFR, PDGFR, and c-Kit. It has demonstrate encouraging success in the treatment of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma, medullary thyroid carcinoma, advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and soft tissue sarcoma (STS).

Generic Anlotinib 12 mg

Anlotinib 12 mg is a drug that is mainly use to treat several cancers, including soft tissue sarcoma and advance non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). It is a member of the class of medications known as angiogenesis inhibitors, which function by preventing the development of new blood vessels, which is necessary for tumors to proliferate.

Clinical trials involving anlotinib have yielded encouraging findings, indicating the drug’s ability to slow the spread of cancer and increase overall survival rates in patients with metastatic cancer. Usually, it is take orally once a day on a constant schedule.

Anlotinib side effects can include, but are not limited to, fatigue, hypertension, hand-foot syndrome, and gastrointestinal distress. This is true of any medicine. Healthcare professionals should keep a close eye on patients for any negative responses and offer appropriate supportive treatment as necessary.

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