Acaluxen 100mg (Acalabrutinib)

Acaluxen 100mg (Acalabrutinib)


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Generic Name: Acalabrutinib
Pack Size: 60
Manufacture: Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Acaluxen 100mg (Acalabrutinib):

Drugs used in targeted therapy, such as Acaluxen 100mg, contain acalbrutinib. Usually prescribed to treat blood cancers such as mantle cell lymphoma. As an inhibitor of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK), acalbrutinib promotes the growth of cancer cells. It works by blocking such signals, therefore preventing disease progression. The drug Acaluxen is often prescribed to patients who have not responded well to previous treatment or who have relapsed. Acaluxen improves quality of life, increases survival rates and helps manage symptoms. Negative effects may occur, thus requiring ongoing medical care during treatment. Patients should consult their healthcare practitioners for individualized guidance on how to use Acaluxen, potential side effects and overall effectiveness in treating their specific disease.

What is Acaluxen and how does it work:

For adult mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) patients who have undergone at least one previous treatment. Acalabrutinib medication is recommended. Additionally, use has been approved for small lymphocytic lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Acaluxen 100mg, a Bruton Tyrosine Kinase inhibitor, stops B cells from proliferating, adhering, trafficking, and chemotaxis. Which in turn stops the harmful B cells from proliferating and surviving. Due to its great selectivity and ability to block the intended action of BTK while minimizing off-target effects, it is particularly effective.

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